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Helllloooooooo my wonderful dears~~

It's been ages since I've updated my DeviantART page, let alone uploaded something so I must apologise profusely for my lack of activity and also absence as of late! I'm currently about half a week into my school holidays (we get two weeks) and am currently working around the clock to complete my Supanova Melbourne cosplay, since school work as well as my part time job has kept me preoccupied for the last couple of months. So many things have happened recently and as some of you may know, my original plan for Melbnova was Kirito from Sword Art Online along with my dear friend Kaallisi as Asuna. However with some last minute changes and also clashes in schedules we have decided to push those cosplays back a little further for a photoshoot later on in the year to avoid having them:

1. Be half finished.
2. Become part of the drone army of Kirito and Asuna cosplayers at Supanova.

Hence, my current plans of yet another "Secret Cosplay" for the upcoming convention, which I plan to reveal one day prior - so keep a look out on all of my pages if you want to catch a glimpse! Or... you could always wait for the proper photos xD

With that aside, as far as other conventions and meetups go for this year, once again I will definitely be attending less of those as school is my first priority. Also in regards to activity on the internet in general, that will be limited as well due to the same factors of school and work, so I will probably be a bit dead this year x.x' Sorry guys!

Anyways, I think I'll just leave this brief update here for now since it's about 2am in the morning and I'm still working on my cosplay. I'll keep you posted about what's going on in my Superbly boring life, so until then I'll also leave a couple of photos of what I did recently!

- Rai <3

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MFM-Photography Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013
Oh jeez, the drone army is going to be insane xD

Hope things get better and hope to see you soon, Rai! :D
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