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Why helloooooooo lovelies! :D

I hope you're all doing well~ Well at least better than I am atm =__=". MAN it's been a while since I've made any updates to my DeviantART page, or to my DeviantART as a matter of fact xD As of today I've completed THREE of my exams for this year and only have three left to go! I've been going through a bit of a rough patch in regards to school this year as well as personal issues but I don't plan on letting this hinder me too much...I hope and will get back into the loop of things soon. Thank you ALL to you guys - my wonderful watchers for continuing to support me and put up with my random crap xD Hopefully during these holidays I will have done more shoots of my recent cosplays before I get back to backlogging~

Anyways I'll leave you guys with my LONG BELATED Armageddon Melbourne 2012 update, so until next time~

- Rai :heart:


A R M A G E D D O N   2 0 1 2

Where do I even begin to tell you all about Armageddon this year? So I'm going to try and sum it up in a few words of my own: It was effing AMAZEBALLS.
This year due to some last minute alterations due to exams and whatnot, I ended up attending as Kise Ryouta from the series "Kuroko no Basuke" which is one of the series that I've been 'obsessed' about recently. I had actually read the manga prior to the anime airing so you can guess that I was SUPER excited when the anime finally happened! The morning began with a crowded but fun journey on the train to the convention centre with my little sister :icondarkravenstudios: who funnily enough (not really~) was cosplaying Jounouchi Katsuya from YGO. This was then followed up by countless derp times on the way to the con as well as once we got inside. This year I didn't actually spend that much time walking around inside the con, rather spending it outside chatting and catching up with friends :heart:
Also I wasn't really apart of any 'group cosplays' even though there was another fabulous group of KuroBasu, but formed a small trio along with my dear friends :iconkaallisi: and :iconjaycutio: who cosplayed Kuroko Tetsuya and Murasakibara Atsushi respectively~
Much of the day after we had met up included an adventure to Pizza Hut "down the road" More like 1km away x.x for lunch before heading back to the convention, where I was invited to shoot as a trio for the rest of the day. :)
Overall I had an absolutely brilliant time seeing all my friends again and meeting new ones too~ Words really just can't express how much fun it was for me so I'll leave you with...

:bulletpurple: [  "THE CURSED ARMAGEDDON VIDEO"  ] :bulletpurple:

Haha I'm just kidding xD It's not cursed, Kaallisi just called it that because it took me about a million tries over the course of THREE full days just to upload it LOL! I hope you enjoy watching it and following me through my day of Armageddon~




Kouha ID by Kaallisi Battle of Midgar! by Kaallisi AnE: Son of Satan by Kaallisi


Tai DIGIMON THEME SONG TIME by Jaycutio Doitsu Doitsu by Jaycutio Triangler Sunset by Jaycutio
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