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January 28, 2012
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Kuroshitsuji: The King and His Knight by KaminariNoRaikiri Kuroshitsuji: The King and His Knight by KaminariNoRaikiri

"For a king to survive it's good for him to be able to skillfully manipulate the other pieces using both the knight and the queen. Beneath the throne the bodies of your pieces will pile up along with your sins. You must not lose." - Sebastian Michaelis


Hello again my dears :)

Do expect to see more Kuroshitsuji spammage posts from me very soon :) MelCosPho 10 was held just yesterday and I attended as Shieru-bocchan with ~1-hell-of-a-sebby as my Sebastian xP We were also accompanied by my kawaii imouto-chan *Kagome-Taisho01 So much love <3 as well as my nii-chan Soren!
This photo was taken after MelCosPho, at a beautiful movie theatre that we happened to stumbled across whilst wondering around in the city and luckily there was no one there so it was a perfect chance to get some good photos. Regarding the 'blurriness' of the photo, I'm extremely sorry because the lighting inside the 'building' was not of the best so we tried to make do with what we had.

:bulletblue: More from both my journal and blog soon~

:blackrose: About the makeup

Both the makeup for Taylor Sebastian and I was done by myself. For Ciel I used the basics of concealer and foundation to achieve a lighter as well as 'flawless' skin tone. Also please excuse the somewhat uneven skin tone between my face, my arms and legs xP Because I'm naturally tan and couldn't be bothered applying makeup to the rest of the skin showing It was an EXTREMELY hot day "OTL. For the eyes Or should I say EYE xD I used eyeliner as well as brown and dark grey eyeshadows to accentuate them.
Onto Sebastian's makeup. For Sebby I also used the basic foundation etc. to produce 'flawless' skin, as well as liquid eyeliner and black eyeshadow to accentuate the eyes. Eyeliner was also used in producing Sebastian's 'pedo-smile' :)
Costumes were also put together by the respect cosplayers, mainly from the wardrobe. However, both the tophat, train and vest that I sport were made by myself.
P.S Because it was an EXTREMELY hot day, Taylor ended up taking off his tailcoat. Note the absence of said article of clothing.

Enjoy! :heart:

Ciel Phantomhive: ~KaminariNoRaikiri
Sebastian Michaelis: ~1-hell-of-a-sebby
Photographer: My kawaii kawaii imouto-chan *Kagome-Taisho01 :heart:
Editing: ~KaminariNoRaikiri

Kuroshitsuji I Yana Toboso
Ciel and Sebastian Yana Toboso

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:) Thank you so very much~
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