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October 24, 2011
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Kuroshitsuji: Just A Puppet... by KaminariNoRaikiri Kuroshitsuji: Just A Puppet... by KaminariNoRaikiri
*[ EDIT 22/03/2012 ]

Wow! It's been nearly 6 months since I put this up and I must say the feedback and reactions from everyone has been mind blowing :O I'm just speechless to all the positive feedback that everyone has given to my Drocell cosplay, so I really want to say a genuine Thank you to all of you amazing people :')

Thanks for all the kind support and feedback everyone :heart: /Much love to you all


Greetings my fair Ladies and Gentlemen :)

"London bridge is falling down...falling down, falling down
Londong bridge is falling fair lady."
- Drocell Cainz


Finally I have photos of my Drocell Cainz cosplay to show you all :) I feel so accomplished :iconherotimeplz:
Sorry for taking so long to post it D: I was waiting for the right photo...and to surprise you all :) This was my FIRST time doing a group cosplay and I'm so GLAD that it went well. The convention was great and we had two first time cosplayers (and con-goers) in our group, which really was an experience in itself, seeing their reactions to the event :) :heart:
You know what? After this cosplay... I think nearly every cosplay I've made/ a villan "OTL LOL. I guess that's just the evil side of me >:]

:bulletblue: Also please be prepared for a loooong description can skip it if you want xP

:blackrose: About the makeup and costume

Base foundation for a smooth/ white complexion (Natural skin colour is tan...), Eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara and FAKE EYELASHES to accent my eyes. I could actually see the eyelashes everytime I blinked...that's how LONG they were .______." Floral 'tattoo' was drawn with liquid eyeliner.
My hair was bleached by myself. It's naturally black/ brown/ red...yeah it's MULTICOLOURED and also cut and style by myself :) See here for my speed-up video/ mini tutorial

This was my FIRST time making a tailcoat (to be specific), although I have made many pieces of clothing (as in jackets/ coats) before so it wasn't too hard. I basically re-adjusted my basic pattern and included the tails (at the back) and points (front). ON THE OTHER HAND, regarding the gold pattern on the front of my tailcoat. I have actually re-vamped/ adjusted the original version of Drocell by adding gold strips of 'embroidery' (I dunno what you call it) ON TOP of the gold ribbon. Buttons were also handpainted by me, with a black base coat with gold spray paint over the top.
The (epically tall) tophat was ALSO handmade by me :) and ALSO my first time attempting to make a general xD At first it was a bit of a challenge (for one seeing as I did this at 1am in the morning xD) but I soon got the hang of it :)
Now. To explain my RIDICULOUS idea of actually creating/ replicating Drocell's Music Box. First I drew out all the patterns on paper before asking my dad to get the wood from his work. Then began the process of drawing the pattern on the FRONT of the box and cutting out the holes (my dad did that, too dangerous for me xD). After this came the EXHAUSTING tasks of assembling, sanding, smoothing and painting the box. I used a particular painting method that my art teacher suggested because I wanted to make the box look somewhat 'antique'. This involved painting the box with the first layer, SANDING IT with sand paper and REPEAT ALL OVER AGAIN with as many layers as necessary. I only used 3 xD
So now I give to thee...a finished, complete 3 KILOGRAM yes 3 KILOGRAM wooden music box. That actually plays when I put my iPod dock inside xD, and also with a turn-able crank. PLUS it also double as a carry bag which was good :) Just kind of heavy... ._________."

Enjoy! :heart:

Drocell Cainz: ~KaminariNoRaikiri
Photographer: The lovely ~doctor-pi
Editing: ~KaminariNoRaikiri

Kuroshitsuji I Yana Toboso
Drocell Yana Toboso

:new: More photos in this 'set':

[ Just A Puppet... ]

[ Broken Doll ]

[ Forever Chained ]
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ShuSakamakiTheLoner Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Sexy puppet :D I like him :)
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kashikuLoLly Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
*too speechless for words*
haileydailey4 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist
Thats really cool :D And I'm glad I came across this picture. I was going to be drawing the character and couldn't find anything to go off of.
KaminariNoRaikiri Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks! :) Hopefully this'll make your drawing a bit easier? Although I do suggest you also go through the anime scenes with Drocell in it to reference for better posts I guess?
haileydailey4 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Hobbyist
Welcome. And while drawing the picture I only the one reference and when I tried again with a few more later I still found him a bit difficult to draw but I'm working at it/
SYGNALLOST Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012   Digital Artist
Awww so cute! I love Drocell!
KaminariNoRaikiri Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012  Student General Artist
Thanks? xD Haha I'm really not cute~
sebbyobsessed Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Student Artist
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:icondrocellplz: Why thank you~ :blackrose:
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